AleXander – “The Piano” [CD]

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Album op CD / 10 tracks
Engelstalige Pop
Release: 1996

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  1. The Piano (check sample:)
  2. The Lovin’ Machine
  3. I’ll Cry With You (duet with Monique van der Ster)
  4. Angel Baby
  5. Living On Fire
  6. I Swear I’ll Be There
  7. Free
  8. America
  9. Angel Eyes (For Max Daniele)
  10. Song For G.D.



Alexander: Vocals & Piano (& occasional hammond)
Joeri Baldinger: Drums
Marcello Briganti: Bass
Timo Beckman: Engineer & Acustic Guitar
Kenrick Gunther: Percussion
Teye Hylkema: Cello
Rudy Scafili: Lead Guitar & Bouzouki
Kim Snelten: Harmonica
Jurgen Soeting: Violin
Monique van der Ster: Lead Vocal on “I’ll Cry With You”
Rogier van der Tak: Violin
Fred van Straten: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Peter Lieberom: Alt Sax
Mike Hendriks: Tenor Sax & Flute
Bert Boeren: Trombone


(check videoclip for “Angel Baby”:)